Happy New Year


Dear members of Hai Hui Shan:

In the past 2019, Hai Hui Shan was born under the attention of all people, which is a great event for the overseas Chinese and the Buddhist circles as well. The foundation of Hai Hui Shan is inseparable from the support of the Chinese government, the efforts of the overseas Chinese and the assistance of people from all walks of life. With our joint efforts, comes out the great platform of Hai Hui Shan!

Great thanks to all the family members of Hai Hui Shan! In the new year, let's continue to make efforts to develop the Chinese Buddhist culture, to promote friendly cultural exchanges between the East and the West, and to prosper the civilization of all mankind. Let's build Hai Hui Shan as a Pure Land of our time!

May world peace, national prosperity, social harmony and people's happiness be everlasting. May Hai Hui Shan embrace a prosperous and bright future. May health and happiness be along with everyone. In the coming 2020, let's light up a happy life together!