Hai Hui Shan has officially founded!


Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association and Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association has officially founded in Barcelona, Spain on 1st December 2019. A total of more than 600 representatives from all walks of life attended the conference.

Chairman Master Renshan delivered an inaugural address. He emphasized the original intention and future vision of Hai Hui Shan.  

Hai Hui Shan is a multicultural sharing platform which promotes excellent cultures with an emphasis on Buddhism and Chinese traditional cultures. 

Master Renshan says that he hopes Hai Hui Shan to be a platform that serves the society and people from all walks of life, to unite people together, and share wisdom. 

He also hopes Hai Hui Shan can strengthen the cultural exchange between the East and the West and to better serve the society and contribute to world peace.