Hai Hui Shan Donates 100,000 Medical Masks to China to Help Fight Against Corona Virus


The news of the widespread of Corona virus affects the hearts of millions of Chinese in China and around the world. When Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association first heard of this news, we immediately acted together to purchase medical masks from overseas to help the frontline medical staff in China to fight against the epidemic.

Medical Materials purchased by Hai Hui Shan

After contacting many different factories and with several setbacks, eventually Hai Hui Shan members purchased 100,000 medical masks, with a total value of 16,000 euros. This is jointly donated by Hai Hui Shan, Lishui Buddhist Association and Zhenning Temple Charity. Now all the medical masks have been delivered to China and donated to the Zhejiang Province Red Cross Association so they could be used to help the people in need.  


Hai Hui Shan medical materials arrived in China

The process of material collection, purchase and transportation was very challenging, but Hai Hui Shan family members were determined and united together to overcome all difficulties and brought the masks from Europe to China.  During the process of custom clearance, we especially receive tremendous help from Hai Hui Shan family member, president Zhang Yongshu of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Spain and president Zhang Xiaorong of the Federation of overseas Chinese communities in Catalonia in Spain. Thanks for your kind support and good deeds.


Let’s pray and send our blessings to all the people, also try our best and contribute our own effort to help combat the epidemic together.


Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association was just founded on 1 December, 2019. It is a large platform which aims to spread wisdom and to guide all beings to live a happy life, so we can create pure land on earth.