Hai Hui Shan Laba Festival in Barcelona


In China, Laba Festival is a well-known Festival which celebrates the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Every Laba, we all need to eat a bowl of hot Laba porridge, which makes a wonderous experience in winter.

On the day of Laba (the 8th day of the second lunar month), January 2, 2020, from six o'clock in the morning, the volunteers of Hai Hui Shan began their busy work in Haoyunlai restaurant in Badalona. They carefully selected and prepared ingredients to make 14 barrels of delicious Laba porridge. Volunteers working on the site layout and preliminary work also started to prepare early.

In order to let Barcelona's friends taste the taste of hometown, volunteers began to prepare four days in advance. The Laba porridge is made of lotus seeds, osmanthus, peanuts, lilies, red beans and ten other ingredients to make it perfect. We also hope the people who eat the Laba porridge wiill have a blessing fortune in the new year.

When the activity began, in order to make it more convenient for guests to eat Laba porridge, Yin Haimin, executive vice president of Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association, and other people set up a special spot at the gate of the International Trade City in the warehouse area to provide porridge for the people free of charge. At the same time, the calligraphy "Fu" (meaning blessings) of Master Renshan and the 2020 Hai Hui Shan new year calendar were also distributed as gifts. Volunteers also send Laba porridge and new year's greetings to nearby companies and shop staff to share the joy of the festival with them.

The delicious Laba porridge immediately attracted many people. They were both surprised and moved to see Laba porridge in Barcelona. Some want to bring more bowls to share with their relatives and friends, while others can't wait to taste them.

The activity of porridge supply ended at 11 a.m., with a total of nearly one thousand porridge offered and many people participated in the activity. Ms. Chen Linjuan, executive director, said: "this is the first charity activity held after the establishment of  Hai Hui Shan Buddhist Association. Thank you very much for the help of the members and enthusiastic volunteers of Hai Hui Shan. A bowl of Laba porridge is not only the embodiment of love and warmth, but also the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. Especially for overseas Chinese, it is very important to inherit Chinese culture and build cultural confidence. The success of this activity has made a good start. In the future, Hai Hui Shan will also carry out more meaningful activities. More friends are welcome to participate in the activities, learn about Buddhist wisdom and culture with us, in order to lead a happy life. "