Celebration of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva's Birthday

The twenty-first day of the second lunar month in the Chinese calendar marks the birthday of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. Samantabhadra Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism associated with great vows and meditation in actions.

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Celebration of the Birthday of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Guan Yin)

The birthday of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva, or commonly known as Guan Yin (观音)in China, falls on the nineteenth day of the second lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Guan Yin, which is short for Guan Shi Yin Pusa (pusa means bodhisattva in Chinese), she is the bodhissattva of compassion. 'Guan Shi Yin' literally means she who observes the the sound of the world (and comes down to help when we are in need). ‍

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Celebrating the Parinirvana Day of Shakyamuni Buddha

After forty-nine years of preaching the dharma, the Buddha's body gradually aged. After receiving the last offering, the Buddha showed slight illness, reminded the disciples not to forget about impermanence and its rapid arrival at any time, so one shall practice dharma diligently, and told everyoone that he was about to enter Parinirvana. This year, the Buddha was eighty years old.

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The Origin of Laba Festival

The Laba Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday which celebrates the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Before the Buddha became enlightened, he spent six years practising severe asceticism.

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