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Hai Hui Shan Donates 100,000 Medical Masks to China to Help Fight Against Corona Virus

The news of the widespread of Corona virus affects the hearts of millions of Chinese in China and around the world. When Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association first heard of this news, we immediately acted together to purchase medical masks from overseas to help the frontline medical staff in China to fight against the epidemic.

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Happy Chinese New Year from Hai Hui Shan

Happy Chinese New Year! ‍This year is the year of rat, with the element of gold, which means it is a good year for creating happiness and good fortunes.‍

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Hai Hui Shan Laba Festival in Barcelona

In China, Laba Festival is a well-known Festival which celebrates the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Every Laba, we all need to eat a bowl of hot Laba porridge, which makes a wonderous experience in winter.

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Happy New Year

Great thanks to all the family members of Hai Hui Shan! In the new year, let's continue to make efforts to develop the Chinese Buddhist culture, to promote friendly cultural exchanges between the East and the West, and to prosper the civilization of all mankind. Let's build Hai Hui Shan as a Pure Land of our time! May world peace, national prosperity, social harmony and people's happiness be everlasting. May Hai Hui Shan embrace a prosperous and bright future. May health and happiness be along with everyone. In the coming 2020, let's light up a happy life together!

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