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Zhenning Temple

About Zhenning Temple

Zhenning temple, also called Zhenning Jing temple, is situated in Fanhua North Road, Wenxi Town, Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province, with Ma’an mountain at its back and overlooking the Ou River. It is surrounded by mountains, like a lotus blossoms, and has become a beautiful wonderland.

The temple covers over twenty acres, with building area of 3250 square metres. Amongst them, 190 square meters is the Hall of the Heavenly King, 2160 square meters is the multi-functional building, 150 square meters is the hall of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and 750 square meters is the vegetarian hall and dormitory building.   

The original temple was built in the Chenghua period of the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of more than five hundred years.

It was called "Zhen Yin Tang". It is located at the south end of Wendong street. After several vicissitudes, its original appearance has completely disappeared. In the 1980s, the religious government implemented the opening-up policy, and the local believers and Dharma protectors began to restore and rebuild the temple. They moved the temple to the current site, and successively invited Master Renshan to visit the temple. In 2000, it was compiled into "one thousand famous temples in China".

In 2009, when Master Renshan lived in the temple, he changed the name to Zhenning temple, and started to build a multi-functional building integrating the Main Hall, the Buddhist library, the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the Buddhist prayer hall and the Hongyuan Dharma Lecture Hall, which was completed and opened in 2014. Now, it is one of the key Buddhist venues in southern Zhejiang province.

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