About Hai Hui Shan

About Hai Hui Shan Association

Purpose of Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association

The purpose of Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association is to take the authentic Buddhist wisdom and excellent traditional Chinese culture as the carrier, to serve people from all over the world, to enhance the cohesion of various cultures and religions, bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world. At the same time, to further strengthen the friendly cultural exchange between the East and the West, and making positive contributions to world peace and prosperity.

The meaning of Hai Hui Shan

First, the phrase “Hai Hui Shan” comes from the Buddhist sutra “Lian Chi Hai Hui Fo Pu Sa” (the lotus pool in the Western Pure Land where all Boddhas and Boddhisattvas gather), representing the beautiful scenes of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvaes gathering in the blissful world of the Lotus pool in the Amitabha’s Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

The second meaning is from a famous Chinese idiom - 人山人海(Ren Shan Ren Hai) which means there are many people gathering like the mountains and the sea. This represents many people gathering together for the same purpose of contributing to a meaningful cause.

There is an old saying in Chinese -  志合者,不以山海为远, that is, people with similar aspirations do not take mountains and seas as far as they are concerned.

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