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Hai Hui Shan

Hai Hui Shan

The purpose of Hai Hui Shan

Hai Hui Shan is an all-inclusive international cultural sharing platform. The purpose of Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association (Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association) is to take the authentic Buddhist wisdom and excellent traditional Chinese culture as the carrier to serve people from all over the world, to enhance the cohesion of various cultures and religions, bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world. At the same time, to further strengthen the friendly cultural exchange between the East and the West, and making positive contributions to world peace and prosperity.

The Meaning of Hai Hui Shan

First, the phrase “Hai Hui Shan” comes from the Buddhist sutra “Lian Chi Hai Hui Fo Pu Sa” (the lotus pool in the Western Pure Land where all Boddhas and Boddhisattvas gather), representing the wonderous scenes of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvaes gathering in the blissful world of the Lotus pool in the Amitabha’s Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

The second meaning is from a famous Chinese idiom - 人山人海(Ren Shan Ren Hai) which means there are many people gathering like the mountains and the sea. This represents many people gathering together for contributing to a meaningful cause.
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Latest News

Hai Hui Shan Laba Festival in Barcelona
March 16, 2020

In China, Laba Festival is a well-known Festival which celebrates the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Every Laba, we all need to eat a bowl of hot Laba porridge, which makes a wonderous experience in winter.

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Hai Hui Shan Donates 100,000 Medical Masks to China to Help Fight Against Corona Virus
March 7, 2020

The news of the widespread of Corona virus affects the hearts of millions of Chinese in China and around the world. When Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association first heard of this news, we immediately acted together to purchase medical masks from overseas to help the frontline medical staff in China to fight against the epidemic.

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Hai Hui Shan has officially founded!
March 5, 2020

Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association and Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association has officially founded in Barcelona, Spain on 1st December 2019. A total of more than 600 representatives from all walks of life attended the conference. Chairman Master Renshan delivered an inaugural address. 

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Happy New Year
March 4, 2020

Great thanks to all the family members of Hai Hui Shan! In the new year, let's continue to make efforts to develop the Chinese Buddhist culture, to promote friendly cultural exchanges between the East and the West, and to prosper the civilization of all mankind. Let's build Hai Hui Shan as a Pure Land of our time! May world peace, national prosperity, social harmony and people's happiness be everlasting. May Hai Hui Shan embrace a prosperous and bright future. May health and happiness be along with everyone. In the coming 2020, let's light up a happy life together!

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Upcoming Events

Celebrating Laba Festival

January 2, 2020
Restaurante Hao Yun Lai, c/Industria, 554, planta baja, Badalona (Barcelona)

The Laba Festival celebrates the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Before the Buddha became enlightened, he spent six years practising severe asceticism. After becoming starved and weakened, he was said to have accepted milk and rice pudding from a village girl. Sakyamuni was thus able to continue his journey and became a Buddha on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month. To commemorate this, people eat porridge and make offerings to the Buddha on this day.

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Master Renshan

The Venerable Master Renshan is a Buddhist Dharma master from China. For the past ten years, he has dedicated his life in spreading Dharma and bringing dharma to the world. He became a monk when he was only fifteen years old...
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